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AirShip Technologies Group (, an American Pacific Northwest firm, has owned the design for the AirShip Endurance VTOL UAV since creating it in 1991. Its creator, Benjamin L. Berry, developed the design in his off hours while he worked for Hughes Aircraft Company, Los Angeles, only the world hadn’t caught up with us yet. Now that there are numerous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and VTOL UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) aircraft in operation around the world and others being sought after by various international defense ministries, this market is in demand!

AirShipTG’s core competencies are VTOL UAV airframe and fuselage design and development, Solar Turbine clean tech integrated air accelerator propulsion, and persistent high endurance autonomous flight control. The UAVs are targeted for military/commercial manufacturers as they seek alternatives in replacing or supplementing light weight UAVs, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft & terrestrial vehicles.

Two things have come together to make the AirShip V2 invention the next killer app and game changer. First, AirShip Technologies Group is developing a clean tech Solar Turbine to power the AirShip V2 UAV with external solar film array that charges internal ultra capacitors. This tandem power design provides propulsion power for the UAV’s long endurance flight of 30 to 90 days, depending on weather conditions. Secondly, the newly signed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) House Bill opens up the U.S. national airspace for lightweight UAVs. We plan to adhere to the FAA requirements of a total weight no more than 4.4 pounds and a 400 foot altitude ceiling.

The AirShip V2 VTOL UAV and integrated AirScape service delivery system represents a disruptive entry into what will become a highly lucrative commercial use of UAVs that expands far beyond military use. The UAV serves as a service delivery platform for 24x7 video surveillance coverage, aerial air sniffer for explosives, IEDs and narcotics. The vehicles “AirScape” service is a low cost, scalable service capable of serving multi-year contracts for geographic imaging.

At AirShipTG we subscribe to the beliefs of

• Look for ways to make a difference.

• Follow that overwhelming desire to take action.

• Exert your influence as much as possible.

• Help other would-be entrepreneurs.

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