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The AirShip V2 serves as an aerial service delivery platform for:

a) AirScape– A 24x7 geographic video-on-demand Intelligence Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) service that is low cost, is scalable, and delivers persistent flight endurance. AirScape will serve internet-based customers simultaneously.

b) Aerial Sniffer Platform –A public safety aerial sniffer platform for explosives, IEDs, and narcotics that uses a patented nanotechnology filter and cannot be reengineered. With the V2’s quiet air accelerator turbine propulsion, this service is for both outside and inside where people congregate in large areas – sports arenas, airports, cities, cargo inspection sites, and ports of entry, etc.

c) Solar Array Film – A breakthrough nanotechnology patented solar array film delivers up to 30% first-generation solar cell efficiency to power the AirShip V2’s ultra-capacitors for long-flight endurance. Our solar efficiency rate dramatically beats current industry efficiency of 18% to 20%. Our second-generation solar film efficiency will approach 50% within 2 years, a clean tech industry pace setter!

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